We would like to introduce our customer service, created in order to assist our customers that may need assistance and collaboration in the repair and maintenance of systems and equipments on board of their ships worldwide. Besides we can offer also other specific services. Our customer service offers a network of qualified technicians, backed by our technical department, work shops and spare parts stores, able to carry out the following activities:
* steel work;
* piping refitting and repair;
* crane work;
* inspections on elevators and cranes;
* inspections for fire fighting installations and equipment as their  
* maintenance with following approvals: RINA, GL, BV;
* flooring;
* construction and repairs in trailers and containers;
* maintenance and repair of shell doors, hatch covers, ramps and car 
* decks;
* tank and other industrial cleaning;
* maintenance of automation, level transmitters, remote control
* valves;
* delivery of spare parts, tools and consumption material all kind;
* delivery of our branch name of chemical and domestic cleaning
* products PROBIOTEC;
* maintenance, testing and refitting of hydraulic and pneumatic as
* electrical systems;
* polyester repairs;
* transports.

We are part of the Group West Coast Impex as a result of the constant commitment to owners and an expertise of almost 20 years in the marine field of different managers, technicians and engineers who had their experience in different fields of the international shipping.
Together we offer availability and performance in order to reduce intervention time and increase ships installations quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us !

West Coast Impex:

Hoek 76 bus 39
B-2850 BOOM

TEL: 0032 470 690 583
FAX: 0032 5 411 478
BTW: BE 056 344 1326